Hi, Dustin here from Comic Bastards.

Thank you for your interest in writing for Comic Bastards. There are a few things to know upfront about the position. First and foremost, it’s an unpaid position. I’m offering you the chance to read a lot of comics for free and practice writing, but that’s all that I can offer. The second thing, each writer is responsible for writing two reviews a week and submitting those reviews before the set deadline. Depending on the position you’re applying for (see positions below), this will likely be Tuesday evening of each week. If that day is never going to work for you, then just know that the deadline isn’t going to change. Also, if things are busy in your life and two reviews a week sounds like a lot then keep that in mind as well before applying, rather than after.

As for the reviews, we write in long format. I don’t have a word count to give you because it should be about the content. I’m looking for writers whose bare minimum is 600 words or more. Even then, I wouldn't focus on that number if I were you. If you’re unfamiliar with our review style, then feel free to check out some reviews on the site… you know, the one that you’re applying to write on.

The next thing you should know before applying is that every reviewer is responsible for inputting their own reviews into the site. You’ll need to have ownership, dedication, and motivation to get your own reviews posted. Comic Bastards is hosted by Squarespace so if you’re familiar with their system, great. If not, you will be given a comprehensive walk-through on how to post your articles. You won’t be thrown to the wolves as I will help in any way possible until you're confident in the process.

Now, here’s what I need from you! Two review samples. Please do not send me articles that you’ve written as it will only give me an idea of your style of writing and not your review style. If you have a blog or have written for another site previously, then feel free to send links, but just know that you may be asked for a longer review submission if the reviews submitted don't meet the word count above. As a note that any reviews written for Comic Bastards need to be exclusive to Comic Bastards.

If you don’t have published reviews, then please write two review submissions for any two comics, anime or manga and send those over. How can you do this? Google Docs, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Mega, anything that can cloud host and provide a link that can be posted below. If you submit without supplying samples, you’ll get an email asking for samples. There is no way of getting out of sending samples, just so you know.

The most important thing to realize and remember is that I'm looking for consistency with reviews and deadlines.

Whooo… let’s take a moment here… Okay, here are the positions we’re looking to fill, and we always have room for people!

Comic Reviewer

This is the most deadline intense position. Again, two reviews weekly need to be turned in by Tuesday evening of every week. You’ll be able to choose from the following publishers to review: DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment, BOOM! Studios, Titan Comics, Valiant Comics, Oni Press, Zenescope Entertainment, Action Lab Entertainment and more! You will also have advanced review opportunities. I’m looking for people that are fair, balanced, and honest with their reviews.

Indie Comic Reviewer

Indie Comics refers to books by extremely small publishers that don’t release through Diamond Comics or a book that’s created by just a handful of people, sometimes just one person. If you’re looking to find those diamonds in the rough, then this is the position for you, but know that you will be reading some extremely indie books. We just ask you to be fair, balanced and honest in your reviews. Deadlines vary depending on book releases, but typically it’s Friday of every week, and again, it’s two reviews a week.

Manga Reviewer

Want to review Viz Media’s latest releases? Well, that’s all the manga we get due to most manga publishers not supplying review copies. If you’re okay with that and can write two reviews a week, then get to applying. Deadlines vary due to book releases, but you’ll always have enough time to get two reviews done per a week. Also, you're not limited to Viz, it's just that we can't supply anything else at the moment.

Anime Reviewer

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way of supplying review copies for anime releases. If you’re a diehard viewer and have access to anime and need an outlet to post your reviews, then I can help you there. We've recently moved to a full-season review format. You'd be responsible for one review a week for an entire season, but this is also flexible. Shoot us an email with your samples and we'll go from there!

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